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Samband Officers - Now and Then

The officers of the Valdres Samband are responsible for planning and managing all of the activities of the Valdres Samband.  They are the "engine" that keeps the Samband running smoothly and allows it to provide so many great opportunities for our members to explore their Valdres roots.  We offer our thanks for their dedication and the thousands of hours of volunteer time their service represents.

Your assistance is always appreciated, and we encourage you to consider an active role in the Samband!


Samband Officers Committee Directors

President: Bruce Weaver II

                 Greensboro NC

Vice President: Mary Hendrickson

                         Duluth MN 

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Ken Svor

                   Minneapolis MN  

Director: Phillip Johnson

Director: Lauri Joyce

Director: Mona Gregersen

Director:Becky Woods

Director: Beverly Tellefsen

Director: Les Heen



Genealogy:  Tom Standal
Preservation, Archives & History: open
Membership: open
Publications: Budstikken Editor: Arlene Quam 
                      Associate Editor: Les Heen
Publicity:  Deb Craigmile
Webmaster: Anne Sladky

Council of Past Presidents
Robert Skogman
Earl Evenstad
Doris Hayes
Michael Bergan
June Adele Dolva
David Kringstad
Bygdelagenes Fellesraad:  Elaine Hasleton, President
In Norway:
Jahn Børe Jahnsen


Historical List of Valdres Samband Officers (with year of first election)

Formann   (the president)  
1902   Andrew Veblen
1920   A. M. Sundheim
1921   J. E. Haugen
1929   A. M. Sundheim
1932   C. M. Roan
1937   R. N. Qualley
1939   Oluf Hellie
1941   Ole J. Braaten
1952   Clara Thorpe
1958   Arne Rosenlund
1960   Ole J. Braaten
1962   Joseph Haugen
1965   Anna Berg
1969   Carl T. Narvestad
1975   G. B. Odegaard
1980   Hilda Kringstad
1983   Sam Sorenson
1986   Gertrude Nearman
1990   Eindride A. Karlsgodt
1992   Leland G. Pederson
1995   David Kringstad
1997   June Adele Dolva
2001   Michael R. Bergan
2004   Doris Hayes
2007   Earl Evenstad 

2011   Robert Skogman

2012  Bruce Weaver II   

Viseformann (vIce president)

1902   Thomas Lajord

1903   O. L. Kirkeberg

1907   Harold Thorson

1909   Bendix Holdal

1913   A. H. Gjevre

1916   Ole Rood

1922   Andrew Dale

1928   A. A. Hall

1929   T. A. Hoverstad

1931   Ole Rood

1932   Helge Hoverstad

1936   Oluf Hellie

1939   Edwin Odegaard

1941   Ole Braaten

1949   John Rudi

1952   Ole Braaten

1959   Arne Berg

1961   Martin Bratrud

1962   Anna Berg

1965   Joseph Haugen

1978   Hilda Kringstad

1980   Sam Sorenson

1983   Leland G. Pederson

1985   Eindride A. Karlsgodt

1989   Robert Skogman

1995   June Adele Dolva

1997   Eleanor Schultz

2001   Doris Hayes

2004   Earl Evenstad

2007   Aaron Hanson

2009   Robert Skogman

2011   Bruce Weaver II  

2012   Deb Craigmile

2013   Mary Hendrickson

Sekretær-Kasserer (secretary-treasurer)

1899 Chr. Brandt & J. T. Ellingboe

1900  Chr. Brandt & L. O. Wilson

1901   Dr. J. S. Johnson

1905   A.M. Sundheim

1908   Dr. J.S. Johnson

1910   A.M. Sundheim

1920   A.A. Hall

1924   Olaf Rudi

1926   O.A. Hain (secretary)  Olaf Rudi (treasurer)

1929   Helge Hoverstad

1932   N.A. Kirkeberg

1935   Edwin Odegaard

1938   Mrs. J.O. Quale

1941   Ole J. Braaten

1942   Celia Ormestad-Roang

1949   Mrs. Anna Berg

1962   Carl T. Narvestad

1969   James Belgum

1970   Hilda Kringstad   

The role of secretary / treasurer split in 1970 and has remained 2 positions since that time. 


1971   Emma Lerohl    

1978   James Hendrickson

1982   Corella Hamre

1997   Diane Lerohl 

2008  Glen Olson 


1970   Emma Lerohl  

1971   Olaf R. Strand  

1984   Allard Stevens  

2001   Kari Kringstad

2007  Tricia Lerohl 

2011  Rosie Gunelson

2014  Tom Standal               



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